Broadly speaking, I am interested in number theory and arithmetic geometry. Look below to find relevant papers that I’ve worked on.

Preprints and Publications

  • Typically bounding torsion on elliptic curves with rational j-invariant. Accepted to J. Number Theory. Copy.
  • The least degree of a CM point on a modular curve, with Pete L. Clark, Paul Pollack and Frederick Saia. Accepted to J. Lond. Math. Soc. Copy.
  • Chevalley-Warning at the boundary, with Pete L. Clark and Frederick Saia. Accepted to Expo. Math. Copy.
  • Faltings heights of CM elliptic curves and special gamma values, with Adrian Barquero-Sanchez, Lindsay Cadwallader, Olivia Cannon and Riad Masri. Res. Number Theory 3 (2017). Article.
  • The density of primes dividing a particular non-linear recurrence sequence, with Alexi Block Gorman, Heesu Hwang, Noam Kantor, Sarah Parsons and Jeremy Rouse. Acta Arith. 175 (2016).  Article.
  • Nuclear partitions, with Agbolade Patrick Akande, Summer Haag, Mo Hendon, Neelima Pulagam, Sophia Ramirez and Robert Schneider. In preparation.

My github.